What Every Beverage Brand Needs to Look for in a Co-packer

Noel Canning and Bottling, Yakima, WA

Are you having trouble selecting which beverage co-packer is best for your brand? Check out our top items to look for when selecting a beverage co-packer.


Experienced beverage co-packers give you peace of mind because they have a proven track record. This is essential for a consistent end product. A successful business that’s been around for a long time likely will still be around years down the line. Knowing that you won’t have to go through the headache and expense of switching co-packers gives you more time to focus on selling your beverage brand and other aspects of your business. Noel Canning and Bottling opened for business in 1964. Many of their crew members and managers have 20+ years’ experience on the job, ensuring that they have the know how to get the job done right.


A beverage co-packer that has expanded equipment capabilities can produce more product in a faster time frame. This ensures that they are able to keep up with demand as your beverage brand grows. Noel Canning and Bottling has two 72 valve can fillers, two 45 valve bottle fillers, Techniblend® blenders, onsite quality control lab, and multiple finished packaging options available. Their equipment capabilities allow them to handle projects of almost any size.


Make sure that your chosen co-packer has all the correct state and federal certifications required to can or bottle your product. Noel Canning and Bottling is FSSC 22000 certified by AIB International, registered with the US Food and Drug Administration, and certified as an Organic processor by the Washington Dept. of Agriculture.


Having a co-packer that offers onsite storage for your finished product saves you from having to ship the product to an offsite storage facility and then ship it again when its ready to go to market. This saves you time and money by not having to pay to ship the product twice. Noel Canning and Bottling offers warehousing for your finished goods prior to shipping at very competitive rates.


Make sure your selected co-packer can accommodate the quantities that you need produced. More importantly, find out if they will be able to expand capacity as need for your products increase. This allows you to grow your business without having to look for an additional co-packer. Noel Canning and Bottling has ample capacity to make sure that line time will be available for your product.

Beverage Co-packer - Noel Canning and Bottling, Yakima, WA
Noel Canning and Bottling, Yakima, WA

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