How to Expand Your Beverage to the West Coast when You Have Outgrown Your Current Co-packer

Noel Canning and Bottling, Yakima, WA

GROWING BEVERAGE COMPANIES...Have you outgrown your current co-packer? Are you looking to expand your beverage distribution to the western US? Would you like to avoid paying more for transportation to your west coast customers than is absolutely necessary?

Noel Canning and Bottling may be the co-packing solution for any of these scenarios. We are a beverage manufacturer located in the Pacific Northwest and are capable of filling multiple sizes of aluminum cans and bottles with many finished packaging options. We can batch and blend your beverage ingredients into the perfectly produced and packed finished product.

We produce carbonated soft drinks and drinking water, and also hold TTB permits to produce canned wine products, brew-based seltzers, and spirits based canned cocktails.

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Noel Canning and Bottling, Yakima, WA

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